About John Mills Distributing

John Mills started John Mills Distributing Co. in 1976 with his wife Barbara. John was the 1st salesmen, 1st truck driver and did the warehousing. Barbara made the calls for orders and ran the office. At that time they only sold salads and some produce items. John rented space at a building in Buffalo where he kept the trucks. Their first office was a old trailer that was located behind their residence. In 1980 John built a warehouse on a lot located at 3360 N. Benzing Road Orchard Park. He added Offices to the front of the building in 1990. Then he doubled the size of the warehouse with another building attached to the 1st one in 1994.

John Mills owner of J Mills Distributing

John continued to add other lines that included Meats, Cheeses, Dry Goods & Frozen. He continued to expand his coolers & freezer space. He added Produce and Paper goods & Fresh Meats to become a full line supplier. John’s customers include most of the major super market chains & many convenience store chains and smaller Mom & Pop stores. His last expansion was done in 2010 when he added 7000 sq feet of cooler and added 2000 sq feet of freezer space. John has over 45 years in the Food Business and continues to be dedicated to his customers with outstanding service and support.

J Mills Distributing staff